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CORPORATION: Anka Behavioral Health, Inc., is a private non-profit agency providing community mental health services. Services include crisis, transitional and long term residential treatment, day rehabilitation, assisted and independent living, vocational rehabilitation and employment services, multi-service centers and a shelter for the homeless. Corporation services are provided throughout California.

The Mission of Anka BHI is to eliminate the impact of behavioral health problems for all people.

PROGRAM DEFINITION: Under the supervision of the Clinical Administrator and Program Administrator, participate in the planning, development, implementation, evaluation and promotion of a 6-bed crisis residential treatment facility for psychiatrically acute or sub-acute youths who require 24-hour supervision and intense structure. The program's primary goal is to divert clients from hospitalization or act as an alternative to hospitalization and to provide assessment. The primary responsibility is to provide transportation of clients and monitor and ensure program vehicle is safe and in good repair. This is a non-exempt position.


1. Keep a maintenance record for program vehicle, including records of what work has been done and a schedule of normal maintenance work necessary in the future.

2. Maintain and schedule all vehicle maintenance, safety, and upkeep as necessary, and obtain bids for work required.

3. Be available for any activity during the day which requires transportation.

4. Arrange transportation for any special outing, as necessary.

5. Be available for any emergencies, as requested.

6. Purchase menu specified food items from food sources.

7. Driver must present a positive attitude and promote good will throughout the Corporation.

8. Must possess ability to deal with passengers at their level and needs, and not be parental in dealing with daily issues.

9. Intervene in client crises, if necessary.

10. Work the hours required by the program as scheduled by supervisor, including overnights, holidays, and occasional fill-in for other regular staff members and contribute to the on-going maintenance, safety and housekeeping of the program. Perform household chores, disinfect furniture and bedding. Requires the use of household and industrial cleaning materials. May be required to work overtime.

11. Complete required personnel-related paperwork in a timely fashion, and report on any expenditures, such as food supplies and petty cash expenses, in an accurate and timely fashion.

12. Assure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations, and Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. Policies and Procedures.

13. Comply with the ANKA policy requirement to submit proof of valid CDL, maintain good driving record, and submit proof of auto insurance for current period of coverage.

14. Requires driving own vehicle to transport consumer(s) when program vehicle is unavailable, or when medical appointments or referral for client services is required.

15. Perform all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

Job Descriptions are subject to change without notice based on the needs of the Agency/Program

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